Saturday, May 15, 2010

Cool Enough for School: Casey James' Texas-Sized Welcome in Dallas-Fort Worth

IF YOU'RE LOOKING TO GAUGE how excited Casey James' hometown is about his success on "American Idol," look no further than Milsap High School, where the Cool, Texas, native spent his formative years.

His former theater teacher, Jerra Lewis, showed reporter Fil Alvarado of Fox 4 in Dallas-Fort Worth around what some students have referred to as her "shrine" to Casey.

And the community appears to be getting into the act, too.

"Our parents are learning how to text now," student Allie Megard, clad in a "The future Mrs. Casey James" t-shirt, told Alvarado. "If you've got a cell phone, you're voting for Casey James."

Better watch out, Allie. Kara DioGuardi might have something to say about your marital prospects.

The media appearances came hot and heavy. He spent his morning with the folks at Fox 4 in Dallas-Fort Worth, where the home page now proudly sports a "Casey" tab. On the immediately insufferable "Good Day" show, screeching fans held up double-sided signs that said, alternately, "Casey Is Cool" and "Casey Is Hot."

Casey is also asked the awkward relationship question, and he reveals he's single. He also talks about his basset hounds, mustard and his job as a cook at Kentucky Fried Chicken. A warning: the anchors in the clip below are so perky, they make Katie Couric seem like Brit Hume.

The Weatherford Democrat says Casey will perform his mini-concert at 4 p.m. in the Fort Worth Stock Yards. According to the Dallas Morning News, he'll also sing at the opening night of the Wildflower! Festival at 9:35 p.m. Friday, opening for the B-52's. Which should be really! neat.

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