Thursday, June 3, 2010

Casey James stopped by the Good Day NY studio (Video)

American Idol Season 9 third-place finalist Casey James stopped by the Good Day NY studio to talk about his run on the show and future plans. Winner Lee DeWyze and runner-up Crystal Bowersox also were interviewed. (Just click their names to be taken to their interviews.)

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  1. casey, as usual, handled himself very well in the face of a ridiculously rude and inappropriate question.he'll probably run into worse than that, but as an artist and a decent person, casey deserves more respect. we are really looking forward to hearing a lot more of this talented young man. that he is not hard to look at helps the promotional stuff, but his music is the main thing. god bless you casey!

  2. I cannot rest until I know this man has a record deal. I have downloaded all of his songs from ITunes, but none of them showcase his incredible guitar skills to the degree that I'm hoping his own album will. He has the "X factor" that Simon refers to and will be incredibly where is the contract?

  3. I agree with Jessmom about the inappropriate questions. I wish people would just listen to the music. As this artist has a long career ahead of him, far beyond the image or "cougar" controversy. He will be the biggest selling artist from this season and possibly since Carrie Underwood.