Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Casey James: TV Guide Celebrity Interviews

What's next for Casey James?? Season 9 of American Idol is officially over, but for Casey James, his musical career is just starting to take off! Top 3 Finalist Casey James talks about his first audition, how it felt being in the Top 3 and what's next for him.

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  1. I think Casey did an wondeful job on this interview and truely believe he spoke from his heart. I too hope that we get to see Casey make an album and see him in concert soon! I ould like to add him on the event site as to who I would like to demand to see him perform in my town and hopefully hat will be soon. Keep up the great job Casey, you have alot of fans and supporters behind you all the way on your journey.

    Your fan and supporter;


  2. Casey should form a band and do concerts or duet with other famous bands or singers in concert tours and hopefully his own album, as his vocal is uniquely original and not a sound-alike vocal.Keep on going Casey!