Thursday, May 13, 2010

Casey James Homecoming Schedule

American Idol Season 9 Top 3 Finalist Casey James will return home to the Fort Worth, TX area on Friday!

Here is his tentative schedule. Local time is CDT, but these times are EDT.

--8 to 9am: Good Day FOX 4 morning show (400 N. Griffin St., Dallas, 75202) -- LIVE STREAM!

--9:30am: Kidd Kraddick show

--11:30am: Arrive at local AT&T store (1219 W State Highway 114 Grapevine, TX 76051)

--2:30pm: Perform with old band at Keys Lounge (5677 Westcreek, Fort Worth, TX, 76133)

--5pm: Parade & Concert at Ft. Worth Stock Yard

--10:35pm: Perform At Wildflower Arts & Music Festival

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  1. Casey James, you are a winner. Be yourself, believe in yourself and God Bless you. You would be tne best seller in albums of all AI times. You came in this world to be a Star*. All you have to do is unbottoned your shirt in national television. Evryone can do that but that moment was destined to be yours only. That is your signature. my advice to you. In all AI Live Tour Concert. Make sure you always unbotton your shirt for the fans. And dont forget Kara and Victoria Beckham. God use them to show you the way to STARDOM.

  2. Casey,my mom and I have said from the beginning, like Ellen said - you sound like Bob Seger!! We think that you would sound great singing "You'll Accompany Me!' If you get the chance, sing that song on American Idol next week. We really think it would give you that "WOW factor that the judges are looking for. It's upbeat and will be a song that you can move around with.