Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Casey James, on going home to meet his fans...

Blogger: Casey James Blog

“To all my hometown people – thank you. I know they’re rooting for me like crazy and voting their butts off, so I owe them a huge thank you. I’ll never be able to show it enough. Even saying thank you a million times wouldn't be enough. I am excited to go home and see my fans, and I am excited to smell that Texas air again. It sounds stupid, but that's going be one of the best things for me.”

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  1. Ive been reading blogs by nobody's, a lot are sayin this season didnt measure up..THEY R WRONG!! In the last 4 yrs Ive been watchin, I thought this was the most original group! You were GREAT!! :) Have fun!!

  2. Hi Case you may not win but in my heart your the winner...I miss you so much and I just hope I will receive message from you from my facebook...I'm MARILYN ENERIO,FILIPINA...Bye and May God Bless you always and take good care of yourself

  3. I enjoyed his performances and hope to hear more of him soon.. and get his records..