Thursday, July 15, 2010

Casey James ~ A Tale of 6 Guitars!

More on Casey James' guitars

Turns out Casey James doesn't play five guitars on four songs. He plays six guitars on five songs, since he also plays on the American Idols Live show's finale, a cover of Bon Jovi's It's My Life.

Here's the rundown:

* a 1983 blue Fender Stratocaster for I Got Mine;
* a Paul Reed Smith acoustic and a white Fender Stratocaster for Don't!;
* a Gibson nylon-string guitar for Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman;
* a PRS Starla for It's All Over Now;
* and a PRS 513 for It's My Life.

Why does he need six guitars for five songs? "Because they all sound different," Casey said afterwards. "Big time. Like night and day."

And for seriously gearheaded Casey James fans, apparently he uses Dunlop Tortex .88 mm guitar picks. Because I think he hit me on the shoulder with one when he threw it from the stage, and it landed in my shirt pocket. I say "apparently" because I didn't actually see him throw it, and I didn't find the pick until I got back to my hotel room -- though I did spend a while after the show helping the people next to me look for it.

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