Sunday, June 6, 2010

Casey James pre-Idol song "Talk About Suffering", with mom Bybee James

American Idol contestant Casey James plays guitar and mandolin and sings back-up vocals on his mother Bybee James' CD "Cross that Line". He takes the lead role on the last track "Talk About Suffering" singing a gospel song that he learned from his mother as a child.

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More about Bybee D. James:
Bybee D. James was raised in Oak Cliff Texas. Her love for the arts began at an early age. She grew up singing with the music that filled her home, and it was quite a variety. Maternal influences were Ray Charles, Peggy Lee, to Jerry Lee Lewis and Fats Domino. Paternal were more of the likes of Merle Haggard, Mac Wiseman and southern gospel.

Over the years of her early life, she was a wedding/funeral/benefit/private party player and singer. She later picked up guitar, learning by ear. Her talent was voluntarily placed on the back burner to raise her two sons, Casey James and Billy Cole James, who are both exceedingly talented musicians and songwriters. So now, Bybee D. James, known as Debra to her family and friends has released her debut CD entitled "Cross That Line". Good things happen to those who wait.

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  1. Great song. It doesn't get any more real than this. A nice recording as well, very natural and honest. The voices of America, speaking the gospel truth. Any studio would be blessed to be able to work with these great vocal talents.

  2. it appears that mark downie has experience that could be helpful to casey. i have read of the lives of the'great'composers in history.they lived in times, not unlike our own, where everyone wants to be a 'rock star', but not everyone was a rare treat to listen to. not everyone likes or plays their music..but the ones who do feel blessed. i feel the same about casey's music. he didn't win the'car' or the record deal, but he has music in his soul.he is the 'rare treat' for the soul. i really hope we hear more from him.

  3. p.s. i listened to and bought 'fairy tales' by bybee and casey(as well as every single thing he put out as soon as it came out on tunes). i love this song. also 'road to coming home' and 'free'. among others.

  4. I truely enjoyed seeing and hearing Bybee and Casey singing together in this video, maybe Bybee can get an concert going in my town and perform for us, and Maybe she can bring Casey along with her to do an duet together again for all both of their fans too see and hear them perform together. now woukdn't that be a nice treat for us all? I do have to say that you Bybee have raised Casey with the upmost respect and well mannered for what ever he may encounter in his future of a career in music, I also have to say to you Bybee hat it takes an strong loving and truely careing mother to do all she can for her Child when Casey was injured in his early life before his love for music came along and the support you showed him even back then. I had to tell you this because I too had a son at was severally injured as a Child when he was ran over by an truck and he substained alot of life threating injuries, It takes alot of love, careing and patients and time with that Child one on one to get them to believe that he can be healed and move on to a great future. I truely want to thank you and Casey for shareing that story.

    hope the very best for you and Casey as well for the rest of your family.

  5. What? Doesn't his dad deserve any credit for Casey's success?