Tuesday, June 8, 2010

EXCLUSIVE Behind-The-Scenes: Casey James Says He Didn’t Pick ‘Mrs. Robinson’ To Appeal To Cougars…Or Kara!

Casey James Says He Didn’t Pick ‘Mrs. Robinson’ To Appeal To Cougars…Or Kara!

By Laura
Hollywood Life

I got the inside scoop on what the Idols really thought of their movie week performances – and contrary to popular belief, Casey did NOT craftily choose said song to appeal to his older fan base!

There were some chuckles (OK, a lot of them) when Casey James picked Simon & Garfunkel’s “Mrs. Robinson” as his song of choice during movie week. And although he’s been the obvious object of 39-year-old judge Kara DioGuardi’s affection since day 1, the sexy 27-year-old swears his selection wasn’t a sly bid to woo his older fans – including Kara.

“I picked the song because I love the song,” the Texas native said from the American Idol green room, where we were hanging out post-show May 11. “I thought when I picked it, I thought it was funny because of the cougars but that wasn’t why I picked the song.”

He added of being typecast as a boy toy, “I think everybody has got something they’ve talked about more often than not. I took my shirt off to get through to the Hollywood round, so I can’t really complain, you know? It is what it is. I’m just happy to be here.”

I’m happy Casey’s still around, too. Not because his performance was so amazing (it was quirky at best), but because he really is genuine, cool and calm. Immediately after settling down to chat, he kicked off his cowboy boots and hunkered down to relax. There was no affectation and star power clearly hasn’t gone to his head yet (which I can’t say for Michael Lynche – the guy reeks of arrogance).

He’s accepted his pretty boy status and makes no admissions for it, even laughing when Mike, 26, said of their duet to Bryan Adams’ “To Really Love A Woman”, “The only thing that differed from my vision [of our performance was] they switched sides to give Casey’s hair a better camera angle.”

When asked the great hair question – how does he choose whether to leave it flowing or in a ponytail – he shrugged and answered, “I think if I’m rocking out a song, I like to have it down, I guess.”

But don’t pigeonhole him as any other kind of artist. Casey told HollywoodLife.com exclusively that he doesn’t want to be defined as “anyone but himself.”

Think he’s into himself if you will, but I think he just really knows and likes who he is. He’s confident, and what’s wrong with that?


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  1. Am I the only one that saw the movie, The Graduate, from which the song, Mrs Robinson was from? I thought Kara was being put in her place by that song: the older, evil woman seducing the young man. (and just how sick and uncool it was). I just wish all Casey fans would make a silent pact never to mention the name Kara again and focus on his amazing talent and good character.

  2. sick and uncool back then but baby this is 2010