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NASHVILLE, TN – Cool, TX native Casey James has turned his third place American Idol finish into record deal with Sony Music Nashville and 19 Recordings/BNA Records. The musician and singer/songwriter who’s been fronting the Casey James Band since 2008, had never even seen a single episode of the top rated show before auditioning in Denver and winning a golden ticket to Hollywood.

An elated James remarked, "Some dreams in life are only just that....dreams. All my life I have wanted this and now my dream has come true. Words can't describe how thankful and blessed I am for the opportunity to give back to all those who have supported me. I'm going to work hard to make the best album possible! I want to thank my Momma for making me go to Denver. Look out! I'm Nashville bound!"

Sony Music Nashville Chairman and CEO Gary Overton says, “We at Sony Music Nashville are incredibly excited about signing Casey James. I flew to New York to see him ‘live’ with the American Idol Tour and I was blown away with his voice, guitar playing and stage presence...and so were the thousands of fans in the amphitheatre. He has honed his skills as a showman with his years of performing live on stage! I can't wait to get him into the studio to begin recording his debut album.”

Simon Fuller, Creator of American Idol and founder of 19 Entertainment adds, “Casey is an exceptional talent and it is wonderful to see another of last year's Idols secure a major record deal and the opportunity to fulfill many more dreams.”

James is currently on the American Idols Live! Tour 2010, and will soon be at work on his debut album, releasing next year.

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  1. I am so happy for you Casey! I knew it wouldn't be very long, 'til all of you came to an agreement! The Sony Label is the best you can get. I just know that you are going to put out a "Best Selling Album". I know of a Steel Guitar Expert, who is playing in Vegas right now, and he has played on other album's also. He is free at the moment, and you can't get better. He's been in the Music Industry, for over 30yrs, and can do any kind of music. He can sing as well, and can play a Distorted Steel, for rockin', which you have perfected as well. The world is your's right now!

  2. Congrats Casey! I've been a fan since the start, and will always be a fan no matter what! I'm so glad that you are finally getting the recognition you deserve. People should know that it's not all about your looks...it's about your talent, which, you've got lots of! Best of luck with this record deal! Crazy 4 Casey forever and always!

  3. Casey ,
    So happy to see your dreams come true. Nashville is a wide open canvas where you can paint your future.


  4. CONGRATULATIONS CASEY JAMES!So happy for you. You have proven Simon wrong. I knew you would one day be a superstar singer with your smooth vocal,looks of a singer,talented musician,discipline,endurance and great smile. You have more confidence and believe in yourself now. You and Siobhan will succeed in the music industry. You are blessed with a very supportive mother and fans.Hope all the best in your dream and waiting for your new album. Lots of love from your fans.

  5. HA! I knew it!!!! I knew it.Knew Nashville would pick him up!!! Hope to see you here Casey. I'll be downtown looking for you!

  6. Casey is the underdog. He is a born rock country blues singer with a singer looks and great hair and genuinely nice from the heart. He will be a great singer musician and will sell more records like the male version of Carrie Underwood. His guitar jamming and his emotionally smooth vocal is ecstasy.His guitar playing is superbly fantastic. He will be great on concerts and he should be on the cover of Rolling Stone.Imo,He has such great charisma and talent. Glad Sony has the foresight. For me, after the dust have settled, Casey turned out to be more talented than Lee, vocally and musically his guitar and with his confidence.Casey is more natural and down to earth and is humble,appreciative and a grateful guy (genuinely not fake).He should do more road shows with his new album.Can't wait to see him on his solo concert with a band rocking and jamming great music with his electric guitar, electrifying!

  7. Whatever happened to Casey James? He was awesome!

  8. Does anyone know a release date for this amazing mans album!????? dying to know when its gonna be out there I will be first in line to buy!!!!!

  9. First single was just released last month!! It's called "Let's Don't Call It A Night" and it was released on August 16th!!! His album is due out the first part of 2012!! If you wanna keep up with everything Casey James is doing, just come on over to my blog....I keep the fans (and Casey) posted on upcoming shows, interviews, videos, pictures and lots of Casey stuff!! Check it out now!! :)


    He's also on Facebook.... Casey E James and on twitter..... @CaseyEJames