Thursday, August 26, 2010

Casey James Taken to the Hospital

Wednesday, August 25, 2010, 10:59PM

After the American Idol show tonight (last night, Wednesday, August 25th) at the Scottrade Center in St. Louis, Missouri, Casey James was taken to a local area hospital where he was examined and later discharged. The information that Casey was sick came first via Twitter as fans at the show tweeted that he had been coughing on stage, looked ill during the final number, and was taken to a nearby hospital immediately after the show.

His twitter fans worried about his health and launched an all-out tweeting effort to find out where he was taken and what his condition was. After about an hour, fans were updated by his mother, Debra "Bybee" James. She tweeted:

Hello my friends. I found him and spoke with him briefly. He said "Im fine Momma". He had to go. They're treating him. Thank you so much for all your sweet thoughts & prayers. He told me he would call me later. God bless y'all. Don't know anyone who could have better fans <3 y'all Because of the consolidation and shuffling of tour dates, the Idols have been on a grueling schedule since the tour began on July 1. Today marked the first of what is scheduled to be seven straight concerts with no breaks. Casey had been ill for much of his time on American Idol and was sick with a sinus infection when the tour began. On August 15th it was reported that Lee DeWyze had gone to the hospital, possibly suffering from exhaustion and dehydration. At 3:00 am St. Louis time, Casey's mom, Debra, tweeted: To all my sweet friends. Casey was treated and will be released soon. He wanted me to thank every one of our Twitter "family" to say thank y'all so very much for the prayers and thoughtful tweets in his behalf. He will be performing tomorrow. I know his work/music ethic. It is not a surprise to me! The show must go on. He will not disappoint his fans. Please keep him in your prayers. May God bless you all. <3 After he was released from the hospital, Casey was flown to Iowa to join the rest of the Top Ten. They are scheduled to perform tomorrow night at the Wells Fargo Arena in Des Moines. As St. Louis concert-goer Jlloy5 tweeted, and his mother agreed: he just has the mentality of "the show must go on." Jlloy5 later tweeted her impression of Casey during the show: He was certainly a trooper, a man dedicated to his love of music and obvious commitment to his fans. Despite feeling sick, he rocked it, and was the best performer of the night! Even through it, he spotted my Twitter sign and was sure to smile, wave, and even managed to smile again. He threw a pic toward me, but a little girl pounced on it, and I just smiled and said congrats. I missed the last song, so I could line up to meet the idols after the show. He threw the last pic stage left again (my way) and the lady I had been sitting next to scrounged it up. I suppose a pic wasn't in my future. I was the biggest Casey James fan there, & sometimes felt like a teenager again screaming my head off, which was like a small break from real life. I tweeted earlier in the night to CJ that I was sorry he was feeling sick. He still sounded great but had a bad cough. I still cant figure out how he could belt those notes out with a cough & I loved everything about the day, but of course I feel dissapointed that I didn't meet Casey. I can say that I'm PROUD to be a fan of his, and Ill just have to meet him next time when the concert is ALL Casey. Just hoping for a quick recovery at this point and all will be well...good night :0) Another fan in attendance at the St. Louis show, aptly named CaseyEJamesFan, told me that despite how he was feeling during the show, Casey was Amazing--just as everyone said in other cities. I told my sis he didn't look right but he still stole the show! He coughed & his voice was cracking a few times & he commented that it's a good thing he can play the guitar. He looked really tired. I feel bad he probably didn't want to disappoint anyone. Fan reaction to the news that Casey was ill was swift and heart-felt. An immediate and overwhelming out-pouring of love and concern flooded the Twitterverse. CJFan_Regina said it best when she tweeted: Its so cool how all your fans love you AND love each other. You have brought so many together :) SOURCE (and special thanks to):burnthismedia ONLY ONE WEEK LEFT!!! See Casey James in Concert! Get American Idol Live tickets - Click Here!

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